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We created Rockwall Complete Healing & Wellness to offer our community high-quality wellness services. We know that time-honored healing traditions- Massage, Herbal Medicine, Young Living Raindrop Therapy, & Colonics work. We offer Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Relief from Pain, Stress and Tension and the opportunity to achieve your highest potential. We have personally experienced and observed in our clients and ourselves these benefits for body, mind and spirit.

As part of routine health; practicing massage, herbal medicine, help us to prevent illness and maintain wellbeing therefore we have chosen to deliver wellness services in a centrally-located facility that is convenient to work, home and daily shopping-Rockwall Complete Healing & Wellness is easily accessible off of Highway-30 in Rockwall.

More and more people are seeking Holistic/Complimentary health services because they understand the need for relief from our fast-paced and sometimes impersonal metro-area living. In this spirit, Rockwall Complete Healing & Wellness offers a place where people can restore and re-energize themselves, enabling us all to live successfully and healthfully. Our goal is to form personal connections with each of our clients and with the community as a whole.

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Our Story

This website is to inform you and connect with you. Yet truly the best way to learn about our practice and our services Is to be in touch personally. Take a few moments to speak with our practioners . We can answer questions and offer suggestions to help you obtain your wellness goals. Keep in mind that we work very closely with some of the best integrative doctors & clinics. We now offer or very own Nurse Practitioner Dana Logwood who specializes in integrative medicine and is also a Family practitioner .

Call us-even better, we invite you to stop by for a tour, and see why our clients love the calmness and beauty of our practice. RCW is located in Rockwall in the Ridge Road Towne center along with Our Children’s House at Baylor, Coldwell Banker, Chiloso & DaVita Dialysis Center. 2455 Ridge Road Suite #151, 1 block N of I-30 Our goal is to play an active part in making this world a better place by unselfishly serving the public. We believe we can have a major impact on making people’s lives happier and healthier through their use of our services & products. By dedicating our total resources to this dream, everyone profits: our clients, employees, community, friends, family, and our world.

Our deeds are essential components in the process of improving our world.

  • Core Operating Principles
  • Honesty & Integrity: pervades all we do
  • Learning & Innovation: increase our contribution to health and wellness. Our goal is to instill confidence through education and encourage the integration of our client’s knowledge, needs, and/or experience in the design of an individual based wellness program.
  • Mutual Success: when we feel good every area of our lives prospers, including our communities & church.
About | Rockwall Complete Wellness Spa - No. 1 Best Spa
About | Rockwall Complete Wellness Spa - No. 1 Best Spa
About | Rockwall Complete Wellness Spa - No. 1 Best Spa


  1. What services does Rockwall Wellness Center offer? Rockwall Wellness Center offers a range of wellness services and specializes in integrative medicine.
  2. How can I get in touch with their practitioners? You can get in touch with their practitioners by visiting their center or through the provided contact information on their website.
  3. What makes their practice environment unique? Their practice is known for its calm and beautiful ambiance, providing a serene setting for clients.
  4. Do they have affiliations with integrative doctors and clinics? Yes, they work closely with some of the best integrative doctors and clinics in the field.
  5. What are the core principles of Rockwall Wellness Center? The core principles include honesty, integrity, learning, innovation, and mutual success in all aspects of life.

Remember, your journey to wellness starts with a single step, and that step can be connecting with Rockwall Wellness Center. Explore their world and embrace a healthier, happier you.

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